Workshop on Experimental Labour and Personnel Economics


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IAAEU/University of Trier


The workshop will be held at the Institute for Labour Law and Industrial Relation in the European Union (IAAEU) at the University of Trier.  

Trier, at the western border of Germany, close to France, Luxembourg and Belgium, is today a modern university city in the heart of Europe.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany: In 2009, the city celebrated its 2025th birthday and its uninterrupted tradition of urban living since 17 BC. In its eventful history, Trier has served as the seat of government for the Western Roman Empire; in the Middle Ages, it received the name “holy city”. Learn more about the spectacular sites – among them nine World Heritage sites (!) - Trier and the direct vicinity has to offer. Or explore the Trier Wine Culture Trail: As one of the largest wine-growing communities in the area Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, the classic Riesling wine area, Trier is considered the cradle of German wine culture. You may also be interested in visiting the birthplace of Karl Marx which is located just off today’s pedestrian zone.


Further information on these and many more attractions can be found here: